Friday, May 25, 2007


I've been tagged by Briohny experience unique to blogging I think. Thankfully, the questions are kind of easy - although I've never been good at choosing 'favourites' of anything!

1. Four of my favourite jobs
2. Four of my favourite local places
3. Four of my favourite foods
4. Four of my favourite international places
5. Four name's of people I am tagging

1. four fave jobs: mmmmm - I loved working at Concord Hospital and I loved working at the Queensland Fire Service and I loved working at Comcare and I loved working at Fair Trading. They were all *really* great places to work. I've just started a new job this week. I hope it becomes one of my fave jobs.

2. four fave local places: the Wynnum esplanade; my house (love sitting on the front verandah with a book and a cup of tea); Bernadette's cafe in Wynnum (our regular hangout place for morning tea) and North Stradbroke Island.

3. four fave foods: only 4? That's hard! I love icecream - but only good quality creamy ice cream. I love risotto. I love bread - really, really love spinach and fetta damper and toasted cheese sandwiches too. I love Indian food - butter chicken with naan - mmmm.

4. four fave international places: good grief. Considering I've only been to NZ, this is hard. There are lots of places I'd love to go though. So I'll live vicariously and say: Paris, London, Las Vegas, the place in Asia where the orangutangs are - that I can't think of right now.

5. four fave friends to tag. :)

Have fun.
Have a happy weekend. I'll be back with photos.
Peace and love

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mama's Day

for my dear mum and all the mums I know - happy Mother's Day for yesterday.

I was loaded up with some fantastic pressies - a photo frame made at kindy, a certificate that says I'm the "best mum in the world", an enormous painted paper flower, some great artwork and other little sparkly bits. All fabulous and very proudly delivered.
We went on a lunchtime cruise on the river and then had more drinks and coffee at Riverside with some friends. I had a lovely day.

peace and love to you

Be careful what you ask for

Because you just might get it......

I asked Ruby to smile nicely for me while I took a photo. Yikes.