Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random things

I love lists. So here's a list of some random things about our lives from the last couple of weeks:
  • We have been *addicted* to Australian Idol this season. We've never really watched it before, but this year we fell for it completely. Max loved Teale, Kath and Ruby loved Wes (and Luke) and Mark loved all the girls (of course) but especially Sophie and Roshani (oh blergh). We all had 1 vote each every week, although sometimes I snuck in 2 ;) There was some quiet sobbing when Teale left. Max was shattered. He kept saying, very quietly: "I voted for him you know. I loved him very much". Yes, we know Max. But hooray for Wes! We're not sure quite what we'll do on Sunday nights now.
  • Ruby's end of year school performance was today. I was in a mad rush to get there from work and forgot my camera. *sigh* One of the other mums took some pics for me. It was fabulous - lots of energetic singing and dancing to Wiggles songs. Cute.
  • School finishes at lunchtime on Friday next week. Good grief, how did that come around so fast?
  • Ruby and Max have prepared their lists for Santa. Max has asked for a trampoline, a Roary racing track, a Hot Wheels racing track, any kind of racing track that's available really, a Spiderman motorbike, a Roary DVD, any Roary stuff really and a lot of things that he says he can't remember but Santa knows about. Ruby has asked Santa to bring her a surprise present.
  • There's been a little bit of drama at school with a boy (who has special needs) attaching himself to Ruby. He was pinching and hitting and pushing her over every day at lunch time but she didn't say anything because she didn't want him to get in trouble. It seems to be mostly sorted now, but it was tricky for a week or so while Ruby worked out how she could talk to the boy about being her friend and not hurting her. He has since written her a beautiful card saying he won't hurt her, that he wants to be her friend and that he really likes her lunchbox. I'm super impressed by how Ruby has handled this.
  • Max took up soccer. It lasted for one week. The boy has no staying power.

  • Max got accepted into an incredible local kindy. We put his name down quite late, so were very grateful to get a call offering him a place on the days we'd hoped for. He starts on January 30th and he cannot wait. He's got the t-shirts, the hat and the library bag and he's ready to go.
  • I've thrown myself into the world of C+K with great gusto. I'm always committed to doing volunteer work in the community so I've been thinking about being how I could be involved in Max's new kindy. So last night at the AGM, in a moment of madness, I offered to be the President. Looks like the year ahead will be challenging but fun. I'm looking forward to building even stronger connections with local families and the community.
  • Ruby was the prayer monitor at school last week - it was a responsibility she took very seriously. We talked about what she could pray for and what she should place on the prayer mat each day. She thanked God for jacaranda trees and the rain we received (although she may have overdone the prayers for rain) and her friends and her family and rainbows and other random things. Beautiful.
  • Jan and I took R, M, E and H for a quick (and chaotic) photo shoot a couple of weeks ago when the jacarandas were flowering. I really want to get out and about more taking pics. Here's a couple:

  • I went to Kylie Johnson's Christmas show last weekend, with my dear friend Jan. I've loved Paper Boat Press things for a few years now, but this years treasures are gorgeous. I bought some of these:

pic from

  • I've been on a ticket buying frenzy the last couple of days. We've got tickets to The Awfully Big Adventures of Peter Pan in January; Tina Arena in March and Spaced Out Santa next weekend. I'll probably take a breath and stop ticket shopping for a little while.....
  • We're getting ready for Christmas. Hoo haa, we love Christmas. We'll be decking the halls of Chez Thompson this weekend.
and to finish this marathon post, a couple of random quotes:

  1. Max "I like daddy lions best. You know, the ones with beards". heehee

  2. "I don't think Max has turned his brain on today"

  3. "mummy - is the Santa that comes to our house different to the Santa that goes to other people's houses?" "no." "mmmmm, well then why does Santa put fruit and toothbrushes and apple juice in our Santa bags? Emily and Sarah and Meika and Macey don't get fruit or other stuff like that. They just get toys".

  4. "Mummy, did you know that the Tooth Fairy pays $20 for a tooth?" What???! "Yes mummy, that's the amount he pays. it's a fact".

  5. "Mummy I love you so much more than you love me. I don't think anyone else loves you so much" oh dear.

Sending you peace and love,

k, m, r, m xxxx

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Intense, emotional, loving, passionate, perfect

November 2005: November 2008:
We love him.

2005 pic taken by Rachel Richter

Saturday, November 01, 2008

We *love* Rachel

She is amazing.

We had some photos taken today with Rachel. Have a look at what she's done. Look here. Beautiful.

Love these pics. Can't wait to see the rest.

Promise to be back with a real post soon. :)