Sunday, June 28, 2009

The search is over

I've been searching for perfect red boots for a while now - probably most of my life ;)

Found them today in the Valley in a Doc Martens store. Sadly the store was closed. *sigh*

Now the challenge will be to get back there in daylight hours when they're open - and before winter ends!

Yum Cha, Valley markets, good coffee and lots of sunshine. A good Sunday.

peace and love

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well done Ruby

This is a post about Ruby :)

I went along to Ruby's parent-teacher-student interview on Thursday morning. It was lovely. Of course.

From Ruby's report card:

Teacher comments
Ruby is a very diligent student who always puts an enormous amount of effort into the presentation of her work. She has made exceptional progress in reading, achieving considerably higher than the expected level. During recount writing Ruby is able to identify most of the sounds when spelling phonetically and can read back her own writing with ease. She is beginning to experiment with full stops and will usually begin her writing with a capital letter. Ruby has also achieved excellent results in Early Mathematical Understanding and can confidently apply the concepts covered this semester. Time management with regards to desk tasks not being finished in the given time framew and speaking clearly at carpet times are two goals Ruby could work on next semester. Ruby uses a very loud voice during free play and needs to carry this volume over when delivering responses at carpet time. Ruby is a very sensible and trustworthy member of our class and continues to be an excellent role model for her peers. Well done Ruby on a very successful semester.

Student comments
I really enjoy coming to school because it is lots of fun playing with my friends and doing handwriting. This semester I have enjoyed learning the sounds, doing sums and doing Art. I am good at Go Maths, Soundwaves and Art. I would like to improve my handwriting because I would like to be neater. I prefer to work on my own because it is quieter and I can focus. I get along well with people in the playground because everyone is friendly. My favourite thing about Year One is free time. I am proud of the friendships I have at school. Next semester I am looking forward to having more fun.

As she did so well we decided she could have a treat. I thought she'd ask for a DS or a camera, as they are high on the wish list. But she asked for a Beanie Kid. Hooray!

Well done Ruby.

In other Ruby news:

  • she's preparing for her first ballet exam on Wednesday afternoon. I wonder how much pressure is too much pressure when you're just 6 years old. The little ballerinas are being pushed towards little ballerina perfection. I've decided not to do the bun, but to outsource to Miss Annette (who's a bit like Miss Lily in Angelina Ballerina). Every bit counts.
  • Ruby announced this morning that "this Barbie couldn't go to her marriage because she had to go to work". Cripes. What does that mean? I wasn't brave enough to ask.
  • I watched one of the boys at school give Ruby a kiss on the cheek (while she was happily doing something else) on Thursday morning. I asked her if he kissed her often. Her reply "that wasn't a kiss. That was just Z putting his lips on my face. He does that every day". Oh dear. He is a very sweet boy though.
  • she's currently obsessed with Beanie Kids, Masterchef, Darcy Bussell Ballerina books, rainbows and other fabulous things.

wishing you peace xxxx