Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ruby's first report card :)

We had our first ever parent/teacher/student interview this evening. It confirmed our beliefs about Ruby. Yes, it's true - she's fabulous.

From the report card (summary of achievement):

Teacher comments
Ruby is a very quiet and gentle member of our class and despite her shyness has made a very smooth transition into Prep. Socially, Ruby limits her interactions with just one or two peers however as Ruby's confidence continues to develop, so to will her ability to interact with a range of peers. Reading, writing and number recognition are areas where Ruby is achieving commendable results. Ruby thoroughly enjoys writing and allocates a lot of her class time to write for personal purposes. Fine and gross motor skills are continuing to develop with increasing strength and control. Three goals in these areas for Ruby to work on next semester include improving upper body strength, balls skills and cutting with more accuracy and control. Ruby is a very cooperative student who is always willing to try new experiences. Well done Ruby.

Student comments
My favourite thing about Prep is doing work. I like to do drawing, puzzles, play with my friends and go to Sport, Music and Drama. This semester I have enjoyed learning how to write properly and how to look after chickens. Next semester I would like to learn more about writing and how to build houses. My friends at Prep are Emily and Madeline and I like to play 'catch the hat' with them. I am really good at knowing my letters and sitting on the carpet. I would like to get better at hopping and spelling words.

She's an amazing kid. Beautiful, kind and amazing. Well done Ruby.


Sunday, June 15, 2008


We went for a long drive last weekend to attend my eldest nephew's wedding. Weddings are very special and it was worth the drive to witness Nathan and Sally's celebration. But it was exhausting. I'm not sure we would drive 12 hours straight each way again. Not in a hurry anyway. Ruby and Max were great but I was hopelessly bored in the car, even when I was driving.

Anyhoo, here's some pics from the day:

Nathan and Sally with Greg, Wendy, Chloe and Jamie

Nathan with his girls

Aunty Pat, Aunty Gail, Mum and Wendy

The boy who wouldn't smile

The boy who wouldn't smile with the girl who would barely look at the camera
Me and my darling who keeps me sane. I know we are both looking a bit worse for wear, but it was a long drive and we probably need a holiday!

Hope you are happy and well.
peace and love to you
ps. I bought a new camera lens in Mackay. I couldn't hold out a day more!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A visit from Alf, Mother's Day, a broken camera drama and more

What a busy time it's been here around here. I think our lives will be chaotic for a long while to come - and I'm kind of OK with that. For now. We're all happy in the chaos which is a good thing.
Snapshot update from us:
  • Max started ballet 3 weeks ago. He did 2 lessons with Miss Trudy - who is absolutely delightful, very ballerina'ish and very kind to little boys who don't fully engage in the whole ballet experience. Yesterday morning as we were rushing around to get out the door to the 9.15 am Saturday ballet class, Max announced that he had finished ballet and he wasn't going again. This was 6 short days after we'd bought the ballet slippers. *sigh*

  • I started ballet too. It is *exhausting*. So physical. And I've stretched more muscles than I thought I had. The sad news is that I was the tubbiest ballerina in the class.

  • Mark is busy at work with end of financial year stuff. And he's doing the odd massage through the week and on weekends.

  • Ruby's been invited to "many" birthday parties for kids from school lately. Last weekend we experienced our first "birthday disco" - it was scary and overwhelming. For me anyway. It was a combined birthday for a 5 yo boy and his 8 yo sister. Every kid from both their classes was invited. So there was about 50 odd kids at the disco. It was insane with lots of big boys and girls running around screaming and squealing, dressed like mini adults. Ruby was a bit daunted but threw herself into the madness after a short time clinging to me.

  • Max is his usual intense, clingy, neurotic little self. He was very happy to host a little birthday party last weekend for his dear friend McKinley who turned 3.

  • Ruby's reading and writing is booming. Mrs McConnon (princessy and smart teacher) was very surprised when she realised Ruby is a good little reader. So R is now doing a "sight words" program and is loving the challenge.

  • We enjoyed the company of "Alf" (do you remember Alf?) a couple of weeks ago. He is the class 'pet' and he is fortunate to stay with a different family every weekend for love and care. Alf was Ruby's constant companion for the weekend.

  • I've not travelled very much for work lately (which has been a blessing), but am off to Melbourne this week for a couple of days. Ho hum.

  • We've all been sick with colds, ear infections, sinus infections and the like. 2/4 of us have been on antibiotics. All a bit blergh these last couple of weeks.
  • Mother's Day was a deliciously quiet day at home. Mark rushed out and bought croissants and latte and we enjoyed breakfast on the front verandah with the Sunday papers. I got some fabulous handmade treasures and some snuggly warm pj's and slippers from my darlings. A perfect day. However, the Mother's Day celebration at school was probably a highlight for me - don't tell Max. All the class mums were invited in for a special celebration on Thursday before MD. There were gifts, performances, massages, kisses, cake and cups of tea. It was a very precious occasion - Ruby is such a beautiful, kind and loving little person. She went OTT this MD to make me feel special. And I did. :)

My camera is still broken. :( With the fright of ever increasing interest rates, I haven't been in to spend the $$ needed to get it sorted out. I expect I'll just have to buy a new lens. I haven't taken any pics for a long while now. I apologise if you've seen these ones before.....

peace and love