Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cannot get enough of Mika

surprising really, cause he's super nerdy, but I LOVE him. Love, love, love this song.

love love me

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Red lippie and a hair bun make a ballerina beautiful


We cannot believe the LISTS (and lists and lists) OF RULES that continue to come home from ballet each week - all in preparation for the end of year ballet concert. For a first time ballet family, it's overwhelming. We have about 16 separate pages of instructions that we continue to refer to and cross reference, just to make sure we're doing the right thing on the right day in the right order. The consequences are severe. Apparently ;). The wrath of Miss Jill or Miss Annette could be crippling. We don't want that. So we're towing the ballet party line. With scary consequences.

For example: who'd have thought we would ever slap handfuls of hair gel into Ruby's hair? Or search the shops for a hair bun that exactly matched her hair colour? OR specifically buy a brand new bright red lipstick for our 4 year old daughter? Not me. But that's all happened this weekend.

Today was the first of many rehearsals for Ruby's end of year ballet concert. It was an exciting day. Ruby - and 7 other little 3 and 4 year old girls - have been practising for weeks. Dressed in koala costumes, they climbed the stairs to the stage today full of excitement and nerves. They waved and jumped and jiggled and even did a little bit of ballet on the stage. It was fantastic.

Ruby looked amazing and she loved every single second of it. Thank heavens. I was stressing out - considerably - that the bun would completely fall apart at a crucial time during the "Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees" performance. Realistically though, I sprayed enough hair lacquer to keep that bun in place until she turns 30.

Here are some before pics of the first ever full face of makeup of our precious girl.

Just beautiful.
peace and love to you from us.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Max and his girls

Max loves girls. He loves Huddy too, but he *really* loves girls. These photos make me wonder what kind of havoc he's going to wreak on young girls' hearts and lives in about 10 years time:

peace and love to you from us

Sunday, October 14, 2007

He's a big boy now

....or so he says. He's still our baby though.

Here's a quick pic of the happy smiling boy at his party last weekend. It's been a very full couple of weeks, so I'll post more pics soon - of the party, Australia Zoo, the wedding...........

peace and love