Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's official

The photos are back from Rachel and they provide rock solid proof that I'm a great porker.

Never before have I been this heavy without being pregnant. I'm not happy with that. Not happy at all.

So it's official. The diet started yesterday. Keep me honest. If you see my eating something that's dripping with fat, knock it out of my hands and give me a big slap. I need some help!

It's likely I'll be a grumpy beast without my latte's and white chocolate and raspberry muffins. *sigh* Be kind to me.

Not sure yet exactly what my diet strategy will be. But for now, I'm just trying to eat less! I want to squeeze in some exercise too, but I have to figure out how to reorganise my day to make time.

peace and love

Sunday, June 24, 2007

End of term ballet concert

Ruby is amazing. Yesterday was her end of term ballet concert. She danced (and skipped, and marched, and twirled, and swayed) beautifully. She had a great time performing in front of a crowd, even though it was only a small crowd of parents and grandparents and other hangers on, like brothers ;)

It's a joy to see her confidence and sense of self blossom as much as it has over the last few months. She's growing and changing and becoming more independent every day.

Here's some pics from the big event:

Here she is meeting one of her loyal fans after the concert:
Today we went for a nice long bike ride along the Esplanade. Today's achievements: Ruby rode her big bike without being pushed. Hooray. Max climbed to the top of the climbing frame to go down the slippery dip. Big hooray!
Have a happy week.
peace and love xxxx

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More photos with our fave photographer.

We met up with Rachel Richter on Sunday afternoon to have some family pics taken. We've been lucky enough to have Rach take photos of the kids every 6 months or so. It doesn't seem like that long ago we had the last pics taken, but Maxie was still just a baby boy in the last pics - like this one below.


Rach has given us a sneak preview of the latest pics on her blog. Thanks Rach. xxxx

peace and love to you from us.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Queen

Doesn't it seem bizarre that we mark the Queen's birthday in Australia in June, when it is actually her birthday in April? It seems a bit bizarre that we get a public holiday for her birthday at all, but I've had a lovely day off work, so happy b/day!

It's been a full and fun weekend. Mum and Lloyd came for a visit which was great and we pottered around together on Saturday - going to ballet, going to the shops, having cups of tea.....
On Sunday, I'd arranged to go to one of Rett's classes, with my dear friend Jan, at the Brisbane Scrapbook Convention. I'm glad I did, it was fantastic. Rett is a calm and fabulous woman and I loved her class. Wish I'd had more time to do more classes. *sigh* Anyhoo, this is the little book I made....documenting some of my fave things around the house.

Inside, I've included pics and details about - our house :), the front verandah, my Willowtree figurine collection, my first piece of original art (a glorious pastel), books and tea. Things that make me happy.
Ruby and Max were a bit sad that nanny and poppy had to go home.

But they've bounced back from their glum moods to spend the afternoon colouring in and trashing the house.

Off to Canberra for a few days this week. Not excited at all about the cold weather in Canberra but I'm very excited about seeing my dear friend Cindy's new baby, Paige.
peace and love

This is a catch up post :)

Last weekend the kids and I were thrown out of the house so Mark could finish an assignment. Garrrrrrumph! The weather wasn't great and it was a bit cold, but we had fun anyway.

We started off with a visit to Poppy Woods for morning tea:

Then we went for fish and chips at Scarborough beach:

and then to the park for some adventures before it started to rain:

A fun day. No great photos of Max because he was having another 'not smiling/not looking' day.

peace and love