Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm back

It's been a while between posts but I think I have mustered the energy to start again.

Life is good for us. Always chaotic. Often overwhelming. Happy. And good.

We've had some marvellous adventures these past 18months (since my last blog post). One of the greatest was our big trip to France, the UK, Italy and Sicily. A happy adventure. This photo, taken in Palermo near the very end of our trip is one of my faves. We were relaxed, happy and enjoying ourselves. Food was a highlight and in Sicily it was fabulous. We never knew if we were going to get what we'd thought we'd ordered! The people at this restaurant treated us like family, they were generous and thoughtful and very kind to us. We enjoyed it so much that we went there for dinner every night we were in Palermo.

We're super excited that we're planning our next trip - to Spain, England and Ireland in May/June next year. Lots going on in our lives, but I'll be back soon.
peace and love