Sunday, March 25, 2007

March is big

March is a big month for us. It's a month of anniversaries and birthdays. This March, it is 12 years since I moved to Brisbane, 4 years since Ruby was born, 19 years (today in fact) since I started work in government and our 10th wedding anniversary.

On Saturday 29 March 1997, this was happening:

and just look at us now. 10 years on, and 10 kilos heavier (yikes)....but still very very happy. Note to self: start diet SOON.

We're not sure yet what we'll be doing on Thursday. We had some plans, but they've collapsed. I'm sure we'll find something celebratory and fabulous to do. Maybe we could have dinner in the dodgy Mexican restaurant I proposed in - but I hope not. Or maybe we could have dinner at a restaurant at the Stamford Plaza where we stayed on our wedding night. That would be great.

Other random things about our lives this week:

  • Maxie did 2 wees in the toilet at kindy - BIG news.
  • We've only got 600kms to go to make the 25000kms for the car lease. Not too bad except for the fact we've only get 6 days left to do it. We can.
  • Lily is becoming a house cat again. She's decided she likes to sleep with Ruby. Ruby is very pleased about the new arrangements.
  • We're inheriting 2 chickens from our neighbours this week. The big introductions will happen one night soon. We're hoping our chickens don't attack them - crazy manic beasts they are.
  • Ruby's language is becoming a lot more sophisticated. Today she described eating a Kinder Surprise as "a magical experience". Methinks she's been watching too many Barbie ballet DVDs.
  • We found the long lost "Big Red Car" DVD. Max cried great gulping tears of joy and then watched it back to back 3 times.
  • Ruby beat in to Max because he couldn't count to 20 properly. Good grief, he's only 2. It's a bit scary they were counting her ponies and they reached 20!
  • Kath withdrew from her study for this semester. Life has been too frantic. We're all looking forward to some calm and relaxed weekends for a few months now.

Wishing you a happy week.

peace and love


Monday, March 12, 2007

The Princess is 4 today

Happy Birthday to our beautiful big girl. Ruby is 4 today. Happy day.
Yesterday there was a "My Little Pony" bash at the princess's palace. It was a fun day.
peace and love

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


This is my mum (on the right of the pic) and her lovely sister Gail on Christmas Day. I think it's a great photo of them.

When I was a kid I used to be jealous of my friends who had sisters. Not so much anymore.

I had hoped Ruby would have a sister. Now I'm grateful she has Max. They're lovely together.

It's Aunty Gail's birthday on our wedding anniversary and it's coming up soon. We'll be 10 years married at the end of this month. Thinking of that made me think of Aunty Gail. Of course. :) And that I haven't yet showed this pic to mum. Here it is mum. xxxx

Sunday, March 04, 2007

More circle journal goodness

Wow. I've completed 2 circle journal entries in 2 weeks - a record for our circle journal effort I think.

This time I did a layout for Megan's journal. Megan's theme is 'Simple Pleasures'. There are so many simple things in life that bring me peace and joy.

This layout is very un-me I think. But I really like it.

Actually I'm on a major thing with the colour green. I hope it lasts. Especially now we've painted the inside and out of the house green. :)

peace and love