Sunday, August 19, 2007

The week that was....

It was lovely to have Nanny and Poppy staying with us this week. Ruby and Max enjoyed it *very* much. Especially the daily trip to Donut King! Yikes.

It was great to celebrate Mum and Poppy Lloyd's birthdays while they were with us in Brisbane. On Saturday night, the girls (Kath, Ruby, mum) had a big night out at the ballet. We saw the Queensland Ballet Company perform AliceinWonderland. It was sensational! Energetic, colourful and whimsical. Brilliant music and beautiful ballet. Ruby was suspicious of it being real ballet because no one was wearing pink and no one was wearing a pretty ballet skirt. She's a tough judge, but she absolutely loved it. Watching her happy little face through the performance was almost as wonderful as watching the ballet. :)

We had a public holiday in Brisbane on Wednesday for Ekka - it's a real treat to have a day off work in the middle of the week. After a delicious lunch at Bulimba we went book shopping at my fave bookshop Riverbendbooks. We bought some great kids books and more bookmarks, for me of course, because I'm addicted to them. We then had a slow potter - in the rain - down to the river to watch the ferries.
Lately, Ruby has been making a big effort to accessorize her outfits and is progressing beautifully towards her goal of becoming a fashion icon. Here's a pic of her on Ekka Show Day.

In other news: Ruby is excited with her new game "Let's Go Fishin'". She's nearly mastered it, while Mark and I are struggling to catch one fish. She's going crazy quoting Nemo lines while she plays. Which is funny, but "I'm having fish toooooonight" terrorises poor Max whose frightened of the sharks.
Max is still just perfect being Max. Still frightened of dinosaurs. Still enjoying green apples that 'taste like green in the rainbow'. Still afraid of dirt on his hands. Still a mummy cling-on. Still *loving* (read - obsessing about) The Wiggles and mourning the loss of Greg. Still intense. Max is very excited about the new yellow swing we bought yesterday because he's well and truly outgrown the baby swing.
Mark has finished his massage course at College. Hooray.
Kath is suffering with a sore tooth. Suffering is an understatement. The pain is excruciating.
Have a happy week! I'm excited about a visit to the dentist tomorrow. ;)
peace and love


Dusty Jo said...

Oh good luck with the dentist kath, I hope that get that &%$# out of your head! I'd be tempted to say 'do it without anaesthetic' as the pain is so insane anyway, could it be worse than you've been through? Horrible. I was crying all night the night before I finally had my root canal, crying in my sleep!
The ballet looks stunning. Asha is having an A in W party for her birthday this year. XX

Anonymous said...

man you crack me up. Love the nemo line. Still giggling.... Our Miss independent is going through a layering stage of clothes at the moment. Hope the dentist wasn't too tortureous (spelling?).

Anonymous said...

Hi kath,loved every minute of having time with you all.The ballet was a real treat,thorughly enjoyed every second of it,Ruby's face was fixed with an absolutely look of wonder,she really enjoyed the night.The whole time we had up there was wonderful,Max is a really beautiful little boy,he is great with a one on one conversation,really does have a loving way,both the children are really caring little people.Do hope your tooth is better now,so glad Mark is through his Massage course that is great.Love to all Mumxxx