Monday, August 04, 2008

Random things about our lives

Ruby announced this afternoon that there was a very special visitor at school today. Mary MacKillop. When I suggested Mary MacKillop had been dead a long time, Ruby insisted it was "the REAL Mary MacKillop and she wasn't dead." Apparently Mary likes "helping people, being kind, talking to kids, throwing stones and playing hopscotch". All good things. Although she has been dead for 99 years! Yes, I googled.

Max has saved all his goodnight kisses "in his pocket". Ruby says she keeps her kisses "in her heart".

Max has finally admitted to having a friend - who is a boy - at kindy. Orlando is the lucky boy. But Max has also said "I only like him sometimes. I like McKinley ALL the time."

We had a big, fun weekend. Ballet, shopping at Paddington, playing with friends and a BIG day out Byron Bay. Byron Bay was crazy and chaotic. Especially as the Splendour in the Grass festival was in full swing. The markets were not the main attraction for Byron this weekend so they were quiet'ish. Market highlights for our happy little family included: bungee bouncing, merry go rounding, eating falafel, getting hair braids, delicious (but ugly) green smoothies, watching the drummers, enjoying the very warm winter sun. A beautiful day.

We pick up our new car this Friday. Max is having buyer's remorse. On one hand he loves that the car is "a bit sporty" and he's looking forward to driving fast and hanging on tight. But on the other hand, he's pretty upset about the size of the "fin". He lies in bed flapping around moaning about the 'fin' not being big enough and wishing we'd got a real 'fin' and not just a 'wing'. He's talking about the size of the spoiler. God help us. Who'd have thought we were the kind of people to ever own a car with a spoiler of any size!

Kath's pre Christmas panic has started early - after waking up in a cold sweat too many times from a dream that it's late on Christmas Eve and we don't have a single present. Not that our lives would end if that was the case......but there would be some explaining to do. So our Christmas shopping has started early. Santa has already got a good stash.

Ruby has 'show and share' this Thursday. The theme is "God's creation". She's thinking of talking about love. Of course. Apparently her show and share will involve love hearts, love letters and Barbie dolls hugging. eek.

Here's some pics from the weekend:

peace and love and splendour xxx


Anita said...

Sounded like a lovely weekend. Love that pic of Ruby! xx
NB: I had one cousin playing and one cousin working at Splendour last weekend.

Ailsa said...

Sounds like a fun family time! Xmas - EEEK! I have no idea what to get the girls this year. xx

random thoughts said...

Hey Kath, just wanted to mention how much I love reading your blog. You have such a delightful way with words.
Briohny x

Maria said...

Lovely pics Kath, looks like heaps of kiddie fun. How exciting to be getting a new car! M xx