Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

We've had a wet and weird Easter. But of course there was chocolate galore to appease the chocolate monster within all of us.

A couple of weeks ago Ruby wrote a letter to Easter Bunny. It was really more of a letter of demand. This is a girl who has not eaten a single chocolate egg collected in Easter hunts for 4 long years. I don't blame her for writing a demand note. Easter Bunny needs to pay more attention. In this life, you need to clearly state what you want. Ruby learned that young.

I asked her to add in "please". She did, and laughed. And then drew a few sweet pictures that Easter Bunny might like, including one of Jesus getting down off the cross with the use of a ladder. Can you see the little red man just to the left of the big green bunny? Max drew a picture on the page too - a bunny in a bath tub. Just to the right of the word "blak" you'll see it. But only if you look at the pic upside down!

Happy quirky Easter to you and your family.


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Em said...

Now why didn't the Marys think of a ladder? Happy Easter to you all too Kath! Hope you've had a lovely break xxx