Sunday, June 28, 2009

The search is over

I've been searching for perfect red boots for a while now - probably most of my life ;)

Found them today in the Valley in a Doc Martens store. Sadly the store was closed. *sigh*

Now the challenge will be to get back there in daylight hours when they're open - and before winter ends!

Yum Cha, Valley markets, good coffee and lots of sunshine. A good Sunday.

peace and love


Pippi Langstrumpf said...

Lovely pics Kath.

I have those boots in black. Took me aaages to wear them in but they're comfy now and I really love them. I'd love another pair in red too.
I got mine online - saved me about $100 :o)

Jo said...

Oohh love that purple door Kath :) and the kids, and the black fan .. AND the boots!
Yes definitley look online (but try them on in the shop first to make sure that they are as comfy/fit well) as you hope.

Pippi Langstrumpf said...

oooh yes - I tried mine on in a shop first :o)

I looked for the link for the place where I got mine but couldn't find it. Think it was an army disposal type shop in WA. Cost $170 plus $8 postage!

Rachel said...

ohh love the boots!
and the gorgeous kidlets and mummy is beautiful too : )

Danielle said...

Hello lovely lady.
I'm sorry I've been a very bad blogger. I feel like I haven't checked in for ages. The kids are getting SO big now, everybody is so grown up. Look at the handsome man.

Love the boots, good luck with the store in the valley, it has very irregular hours :)