Sunday, November 01, 2009

A list for Sunday

Nablopomo's theme for November is: there is no theme. Quirky. :)

1. I miss my camera.
2. Watched Cat in the Hat today. Not once, but twice.
3. Heavy rain was very surprising.
4. I'm grateful Mark went to the shops.
5. 2009 has been a tough year.
6. Eight cups of tea today. And counting.
7. I really need a coffee.
8. It's confirmed - I don't like poo jokes. To Max's dismay.
9. Loving our big comfy lounge.
10. Do not want to go to work tomorrow. Weekends should be 3 days long.
11. Happy to have stayed home all day today. A rare treat.
12. Wishing we had less 'stuff' at our house.
13. Searching, searching, searching for a Christmas Day dress for Ruby. Showed her about 97 dresses online today, none are right.
14. I love Etsy.
15. Cannot believe it's November already.
16. Just sent Mark out to the charity bin with 2 boxes and 5 big bags of 'stuff'. Just a scratch on the surface here, but it's a start.
17. Making curried sausages - Ruby's choice for dinner.
18. Sounds I can hear - Ruby and Max squealing and laughing; lawnmower from neighbour at the back; neighbour across the street playing the saxophone. Lovely.
19. Kids and I spent some time drawing pictures for our Christmas card. Not sure we'll use the ones from today though, they're a bit dark. Inspired by Halloween no doubt :)
20. Loving the smell of summer in the evening.

a pic I love from November 2004 :)

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