Monday, August 29, 2011

Girls weekend away

A couple of weeks back, Ruby and I escaped to Byron Bay. There are many wonderful reasons to visit Byron, but we went down for the Children's Day at the Byron Bay Writers' Festival. It was a great adventure.

After a big lunch on Saturday, we thought we'd eat in on Saturday night.  Dinner was Ruby's idea, she made me do it. Ice cream and red wine for me. Ice cream and a milkshake for my beautiful girl.

We did a bit of shopping, a bit of eating, a bit of pottering around and a lot of reading and laughing and listening to some super fabulous children's authors.  Hurrah for talented writers and illustrators who invest their talents in stories for children. I was grateful for their energy, enthusiasm, joy, passion and kindness.

It was a delight to listen to Cate McQuillan (Dirt Girl writer, illustrator), Alison Lester (children's author extraordinaire), Edrei Cullen, Wendy Harmer and more. There were some very intense, but heart-warming, conversations between the children and the authors - all showed extraordinary respect for children.  As they deserve.

Alison Lester
Cate McQuillan
She loved it :)

To my delight, on this glorious Sunday in Byron Bay, when I thought the day would be as perfect as it could be, it got even better - there was a sculpture display in the grounds of the Writers Festival. Sigh. I love sculptures. Here are some of our faves.

Gorgeous anodised kitchenware

Lighthouse project - write messages of hope on red ribbons

Magnificent tile/ceramic sculptures
A tower of encyclopaedias!

Hanging lanterns - without light ;) Made from pages of novels

It was a magical weekend. My precious Ruby was wonderful company. Can't wait to escape with her again sometime soon.  
Wishing you peace and love xxxx

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