Tuesday, July 02, 2013

#2 shoes. And a new player.

I took Ruby and two friends to a film making workshop at the State Library today.  I was walking along behind them thinking about the FMS photo prompt for today.....shoes.  

I had been thinking about a rush trip to the shops to take a photo of a truly worthy pair of shoes, but knew I wouldn't have time.  I was looking at the girls' shoes and thinking why not?  

Can you see the buzzing energy and excitement in these shoes?  They could barely stand still for the photo....very keen to get to the workshop QUICKLY.

And today, the big girl joins in.  Hooray!  Here's her quick pic.  Adjusted for drama ;)

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Penni Russon said...

Hi Kath, I tried to email you, but it pinged back. Can you send me your email address, I might have an oldie.

Penni x

(mine is still penni dot russon at gmail)