Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bouncing from one day to the next

It's been a crazy week here. Lots of work, lots of study and lots of out and about activity. Not enough sleep - for any of us - and not a single day at home all week. *sigh*

Mark has been studying frantically these last few weeks and is getting close to the end of semester - hooray! It will be nice to reclaim Saturday as our family day.

Two trips interstate this week have left me exhausted. A day trip to Canberra on Thursday and a day trip to Sydney yesterday. The trip to Sydney was for Access, I'm going to be involved in IVF clinic accreditations and yesterday was my first training day. It was great to meet up with others who are involved - there was a lot of commitment, positive energy and enthusiasm for the work. This is going to be my only volunteer work until I finish my studies. Remind me of that if it looks like I'm going to throw myself into something else!

I've got one big assignment left and it's due this week. I'm finding it hard to get excited about it. I guess I'll be writing it at the last minute.

Highlight for Max this week - he's talking a lot more and has declared that he wants to be called 'Maxie Taxi'. His most frequently used word is 'mama' and I'm pretty happy about that.

Highlight for Ruby this week - she was very excited about the Krispy Kreme donuts I brought home from Sydney yesterday. Chocolate icing AND sprinkles. Doesn't get much better than that when you're a donut-a-holic.

Jan gave me a bunch of photos today. Lots of great shots, here are some of my faves. thanks Jan. xx

peace and love to you


Penni said...

Dear Party
HGGgh hhfhujmunhm
Bananas bananas I want bananas
Love Fred

(She very much admires the photographs and wanted to tell you. I typed the bit about bananas on her behalf, she's not a genius or nothing). You should see her latest haiku - only 15 syllables.)

Nice to see you have a blog!!

emmjay said...

hello gorgeous! lovely to see your pics, huge happy bday to Maxie :) good luck w your assignment xxx

random thoughts said...

How grand life is when things such as 'Maxie Taxi' (very cute by the way) and Krispy Kremes is all you need to keep you happy.

Make sure you take the time to breathe!

Love Briohny

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely.
A new blog to look at! How very exciting :-)
Thanks for sharing yourself and your family.

Jacq xxx

Ruth Bull said...

The Pic's are great ,this looks like lot;s of love and fun in a busy life love Bushnan xox

DustyKitten said...

That hammock shot is fab, as is the photo of Maxie with the balloons behind .. love love love