Saturday, October 28, 2006

Water restrictions make summer fun really hard work

Ruby was desperate for a swim today, but in the "spider pool not the big pool". The spider pool is a little blow up pool. It was a hard work lugging buckets of water from the big pool to put a few inches of water in the spider pool, but we did it. Ruby had a great time splashing and jumping, but Maxie wasn't so keen. He's not a big fan of getting wet under any circumstances, but he toughed it out - reluctantly - because Ruby was having a good time.

A nice warm day here today. I love summer.

oops - excuse the clothes on the line in the background.

peace and love to you



DustyKitten said...

Love the spider pool :)
Can't wait to get my kids a blow up pool thingy .. go Ruby, Maxie will be loving the water in no time. X

Nan said...

Paddle on my two little special people, it looks like fun love Nan xox