Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Will I still be your baby when I'm a poppy?"

The big boy - our baby boy - is 4. Good grief. He didn't want to be 4. Although he was pretty keen to get presents and cake. Just didn't want to be a big boy. I think he was worried he wouldn't be my baby anymore. After telling him he would "always be my baby", the questions started: "when I'm 14 will I be your baby?" - yes Max; "when I'm 40 will I be your baby?" - yes Max; "will I still be your baby when I'm a poppy?" - yes Max - and then lots of rolling around laughing.

So this fabulous boy......

grew from this amazing baby......

Don't be freaked out by the caesar photo - it's one of my fave pics of all time!

Happy Birthday baby Max. We love you.

peace and love, k, m, r, m xxxx


Katie Harris said...

Wow Kath!


Happy birthday darling Max!!

We hope you had a very happy birthday.

Katie, Harry, Emily and Elizabeth

Em said...

He's beautiful Kath! Happy birthday Max xxx

Rachel said...

Awesome photo :) Happy Birthday Max!!!!

PS - Have you read "Love you Forever"?

"A young woman holds her newborn son and looks at him lovingly. Softly she sings to him: 'I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be'. This is the story of how that little boy goes through the stages of childhood and becomes a man."

It's too sad for me, but most people love it LOL

Rach xx

Jo said...

Oh he's such a darling child.
I tell my girls that they'll always be my baby, they're the opposite, 'Don't call me baby, I'm a big girl' says Lulu, 'No I say, you'll be my baby even when you're one hundred years old'.

Sorry I missed your birthday darling Maxie. It's Lulu's 4th birthday next Sunday and I'm dreading it. Can she stay 3 forever? Pretty please?

XX Jo (ps hope that you got my email!)

Raye said...

I found you through Flickr. As for Max - oh what a face !!!! And that curly hair. He is adorable.
Love both of them in their fairy wings.
Looks like you have such fun and they will never forgt those things !
I am cupcakecowgirls on Flickr !
Take care