Sunday, September 21, 2008

Searching for the perfect birthday cake......

Max's birthday is in 2 weeks time. Which is a short time for me, but a long time to wait for Max. This afternoon we've been looking at birthday cakes on Flickr. Max is very keen to have a Cars cake. The current fave is Mack (picture #8). It took a bit of influencing but he's sold. Thankfully because it's probably the only one I could make!

Wow, there are some INCREDIBLE birthday cakes on Flickr.


Em said...

Kath! We just did Lightening MacQueen for D on Fri... v quick job with a breadknife, some red icing, and a few writing tubes, but he was delighted. Aren't the Flikr pics gorgeous :)

Are you having some time off for the hols? xxx

jan said...

Don't you love the undying confidence they have in you that you can just make any cake they like, lol.
Fabulous cakes Kath, can't wait to see your version :)