Friday, January 23, 2009

A week in Noosa

I had almost convinced myself that I wouldn't enjoy going back to exactly the same unit in exactly the same town for 2 years in a row. Of course I was wrong.

We've just got back from a very fabulous and restful holiday in Noosa. Going somewhere familiar, was just what we needed. Ruby and Max enjoy feeling connected to a place and to people, so they loved visiting the same places around Noosa, doing the same activities (going to the beach, going out in a boat, swimming in the pool, going to the movies) and catching up again with Frank (resort manager) and his little dog Buddy.

We were all feeling very calm and zen when we got home last week. So much so, that we've already booked 2 holidays for this year - to Melbourne in March and Yamba in December. :)

peace, k x


Georgia said...

Yamba is great! Where are you going to stay? Make sure you go to the Lolly shop while you are there. :-)

Jo said...

I agree that revisiting lovely places can make for an easier break, my excuse for 23 returns to Byron/Bangalow and 6 trips to Noosa :0
Looks like so much fun. Counting the days til you get here. Only wish we could do the reno in time!