Sunday, February 01, 2009

And so it begins.....

Ruby started back at school on Wednesday. Max started at a new kindy on Friday. It's been a week of excitement, drama, tears and joy.

Ruby was happy to get back to school and her friends and to continue her relentless pursuit of knowledge. She was anxious about starting Year 1 because she can't spell "investigate". Not quite sure why it was such a big hurdle for her, but when I told her there are probably some grown ups who can't spell "investigate" she felt a lot better about starting Year 1.

After dropping Ruby off at school I took Max to kindy. The very same kindy he's been going to for 3 years now. He sobbed and ranted and clung to my leg. "I need Ruby, I need Ruby, I need Ruby". Oh dear. I wasn't expecting this to happen. Then he realised that all his friends (he only has a few close ones) have started school this year. More drama. It was a tough job convincing him to stay.

Then on Friday, Max started at his new kindy (Wynnum Manly C+K) where he'll go every Thursday/Friday from now on. He was excited about starting, but collapsed in tears when we actually got there. "They don't know me, no one will like me......." and on and on and on. I wasn't expecting it to be quite the drama it turned out to be, but then that's Max. After he questioned the teachers endlessly about why he had to call them "Mrs..." and what they would be doing at specific times of the day and what kind of toys they had and what programs were on the computer and whether the teacher actually really liked little boys or if girls were their favourite......and more, he began to cut them some slack. When I left he was sitting on Mrs O'Shea's lap snuggling into her neck - all part of his cunning plan to make them love him so he never gets in trouble for doing crazy naughty things.

At the end of the day Max declared that it was "the best kindy ever" and that he loved everything. He has happily agreed to go back next week. Thank heavens.

There's been a whole lot of other stuff happening this week which has been completely exhuasting. Looking forward to a better week ahead.....
sending you peace and love
kath xxxx

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Jo said...

Oh Ruby you gorgeous clever girl. New uniform? So gorgeous. Asha starts Grade 1 tomorrow and she can't spell investigate either.

Maxie well done settling in so fast. Kath I think I'm going to have to ask for help when it's Geordie's turn at kinder because I have a strong feeling I will be dealing with my first case of separation anxiety. I love that he's a clingy mummy's boy ... for now.