Thursday, February 12, 2009

A list

Life has been chaotic. So of course I'm back obsessively writing lists to regain some sense of control, or at least the illusion of control - which is sometimes just as good :)

A list of things for today:
  • prepare for the new job (news: I got the job I desperately wanted. I'm very pleased).

  • frantically finish everything at current job so I can leave in 2 weeks time :)

  • make practical plans for getting to work on Monday in the rail strike. Bob help me.

  • find the school shirt we borrowed from Emily (I know it's here somewhere)

  • remember to polish school shoes

  • find library books and missing Roary car (no chance)

  • collect toiletries to send to Victoria - a friend's sister who's a Red Cross volunteer says there's plenty of food and blankets and clothes and toys, but a shortage of toiletry items.

  • remember to write down the stories that Ruby and Max tell me....for example: I was thinking today about when we were at Noosa. Ruby and I made 3 trips to a shoe shop. Ruby eventually decided on a pair of Birkenstock sandals. By the 3rd visit, the shop assistant knew our names and most of our life story - Ruby became very animated and chatty in the presence of comfortable shoes. She even helped to sell some shoes, praising the virtues of Birkenstocks (a bit like an evangelist) to everyone who walked within a 50 metre radius of the shop door. When we left the shop and were walking back along the Noosa River foreshore, Ruby was wearing her Birki's and chose to stop everyone we saw - who was wearing Birki's (and there were a lot of them) - to ask them how they liked their shoes. She was a cracker. When we got back to the unit and were having afternoon tea she said "when I'm a grown woman I won't do work like mummy - because it's boring. I will have a shoe shop and I will only sell Birkenstocks". I suggested that she might like to have a bookshop because she loves books so much. She quickly changed her mind and declared that she would have "a shoe shop and a book shop and a small place for mummies to have cups of tea". Sounds like a divine place, I can't wait to go. Max, meanwhile, can't decide if he wants to be a champion racing car driver or a firefighter. Both noble aspirations.

Other snippets from today:

Ruby has been working on her "vision for learning this year". The teacher didn't seem to know about this when I asked her this morning so it might be something Ruby has started for herself. Where does she get this stuff? Anyway, her vision so far is: "to work hard so I get more free play time". And she wants to practice a virtue. She's chosen "peacefulness". I suggested she does peacefulness very well and she might want to choose something else, but she's determined. So be it.

And a quote from Max: "why does school start so early? Do they know ABC kids is still on?"

wishing for some peace and calm.


Lorna said...

I hope you made it through the job list and you didn't forget the shoes (lol)Congratulations on your new role, can't wait to hear all about it.

Have a wonderful week
Take Care

Anita said...

Love Max's comment! xx