Sunday, November 05, 2006

Introducing Maxine

I'd always hoped that Ruby would have a sister, but this wasn't quite what I'd planned.

Yesterday, there was a lot of fuss about Ruby's new spotty dress. Today, Max - the big sister lovin' boy that he is, wanted to get in on the action when he saw Ruby was wearing a dress again. He didn't like being called Maxine. He still prefers Maxie Taxi. :)

He looks beautiful don't you think?

There was a lot excitement early this week following the arrival of the KMart toy sale catalogue. Ruby is a catalogue junkie and has spent many happy hours poring over the catalogue trying to decide what she wants for Christmas. Mostly she's keen to have a pink portable CD player. And a truck load of Dora stuff, some fairy costume dress ups and a bike. And of course she's still asking for a puppy. *sigh*

Only getting ONE catalogue caused some grief. A quick trip to KMart to fill the trolley with toys and to get another catalogue resolved that quickly. Now they both have a catalogue and are talking about how they want to "use magic to get into the catalogue to play with the toys". The magic involves throwing stickers, flapping muslin sheets and jumping on the catalogue from a great height. We haven't had any success actually getting into the catalogue yet, but no one has given up.

We've been swimming this morning. Max is doing brilliantly in his lessons. After only a few weeks, he's going under, floating, paddling and kicking like a demon. Sadly, Ruby is still really freaked out by the big pool. She had a fun time in the wading pool today though, thank heavens.

Happy Sunday.
peace and love to you


Anonymous said...

Hello! Ruby@ Max,Love you two together reminds me of another two small children from a time not so long ago, keep holding hands ,love Nan

Anonymous said...

Both looking great, learning to shop early by the go of it, go for it Max @ Ruby nothing like deciding what toy's to buy have fun love Nan

aaronsamcamluke said...

Max is going to love these pictures when he's 21!! Love from Cam and Luke