Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rachel Richter is a fantastic photographer

Rach Richter is asking to see layouts using photos she's taken. I've done a few, but after checking through my albums there aren't as many as I thought.

Here are some layouts using photos Rach took in November last year. We've had more pics taken recently but there's been a scrapbooking drought here, so I haven't used any of those pics yet.

The first one is about Ruby's fake laugh. She seems to have lost it now, but she used to have a beautiful fake laugh she'd put on for photos. Check out the slippers she's wearing in the photo, she wouldn't take them off.

The second is about how I really wanted another girl but wouldn't give up Max for anything now. He's the most perfect mummy loving little boy - love him to bits.

The third layout is about Ruby's sand phobia. Until just a few months ago she wouldn't walk on sand. It totally freaked her out. She was complaining *a lot* when this photo was taken - and still wearing her slippers!

For Rach - thanks for capturing the absolute Thompson-ness of our family each time. We love your style.

peace and love


1 comment:

Rachel said...

Oh, the title of your post made me laugh LOL :)

These are wonderful!

I remember those slippers...she is *such* a character :)