Sunday, November 12, 2006

A peaceful weekend

My first weekend without study commitments (or more correctly - the first weekend without guilt about study commitments) was a happy one. We went to a 30th birthday party yesterday - happy birthday again B - and I relaxed while the kids romped and romped and romped. Good fun. But was very sad to learn about Belinda Emmett's death when we got home. Very sad indeed.

Today, Ruby got a new cossie that she chose herself. Canary yellow is not a colour I would pick, but she loves it. :) We bought it *after* swimming but she wore it all day anyway.

Maxie was up to his usual tricks, ripping flowers off my peace lily. Cheeky poppet.

Have a happy week.
peace and love to you from us


random thoughts said...

It was truly a lovely weekend. It is so good to see people out of their 'every day' environments and walking barefoot in the grasss. Maxi and Ruby certainly romped and romped and romped and romped....

very sad to hear about Belinda.
love b

aaronsamcamluke said...

Ruby looks lovely in her new swimmers and plaits.....we can't wait to get into our new pool with the boys - they're just finishing the fence right now (only three weeks late but hey, at least it's done)! Wuhu!!!!! Great to see you this week and talk even if so briefly... Miss you heaps..the blog is great for keeping up to date!