Saturday, January 20, 2007

Gotta love a bit of melodrama

From Wikipedia (a site I love) :
"In melodrama there is constructed a world of heightened emotion and a hero who rights the disturbance to the balance of good and evil in a moral universe. Melodramas can be distinguished from tragedy by the fact that they have a happy ending."

We're looking forward to our happy ending....
  • After a 5am flight to Melbourne on Tuesday, I called Mark to see how the usually chaotic morning kindy run went. Mark says "I'm at the hospital". Not words you want to hear when you're 2000kms away. I fly back to Brisbane. Mark has kidney stones . After a killer day passing stones, he comes home.
  • Mark seems OK so I flew to Canberra on Wednesday. Stayed overnight with Sam and her boys. It was super lovely to catch up with them. I miss Sam now they don't live in Brisbane anymore.
  • Thursday lunchtime I called Mark at work to see how he's going only to be told he's been rushed to hospital. *sigh* He's back at Emergency with kidney stones again, the pain much worse this time because stones are stuck. Bugger. After lying on a trolley in a corridor in Emergency for 36 long and excruciatingly painful hours, Mark is transferred to a ward. He's still there. If the stones don't pass naturally by Monday morning, he's going in for surgery which sounds hideously painful.

I'm becoming obsessive about photographing every little incident in our lives and today (in rebellion) I am tempted not to add any photos to this post. But I know how godawful boring posts are without pics so I will include some - from last weekend. I've been very tempted to take some hospital pics but have resisted so far. Maybe I will tomorrow. ;)

In the spirit of a good melodrama ;) I'll choose happy photos.

Well, I must have jinxed myself. Despite 6 attempts, I cannot add a photo. I'll be back tomorrow.

peace and love


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