Saturday, January 06, 2007

We love birthday parties

Barbie Mermaid Elina (aka Ruby) and Prince Max splashed across the street this afternoon to Princess Madeline's Barbie party.

Madeline is 4 today. She's 9 weeks older than Ruby. They have a really lovely friendship and it's been a joy to watch them growing up together and staying strongly connected despite having very, very different little personalities. Mads is sociable, physical and extroverted. Ruby is quiet, sensitive and a bit of a diva. But when you're 4 (or almost 4) the differences don't seem to matter so much. As long as you can run and twirl and squeal, all is good. Happy days.

Party highlights:

* Max was chuffed to win Pin the Tail on the donkey. Probably because he was the only kid who wouldn't wear the blindfold. :O

* Eating about a dozen cupcakes and a thousand marshmallows each. Yum.

* Games. "What's the time Mr Wolf?" was a big hit. Who'd have thought it. Ruby loved counting and running and squealing during that game, but not at the same time as the other kids.

* Face painting. Always a hit with Ruby.

* Getting party bags. Both R+M sat on the lounge and diligently worked their way through the entire bag within 30 minutes of being home.

Here's (l-r) Kyah, Madeline, R, M and Helena (another girl from the neighbourhood) playing musical statues. Good fun.

Ruby is already talking about her party. Not that we've agreed to have a party yet. But of course it will be a Barbie party, so she says. And she's already decided she wants the Barbie in "Swan Lake" DVD. We've got 9 long weeks before the big day. The birthday cake books have already been pulled out and options are being discussed at kindy. I hope we can stay sane through the endless party planning.

Happy birthday Mads.

peace and love

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