Sunday, March 04, 2007

More circle journal goodness

Wow. I've completed 2 circle journal entries in 2 weeks - a record for our circle journal effort I think.

This time I did a layout for Megan's journal. Megan's theme is 'Simple Pleasures'. There are so many simple things in life that bring me peace and joy.

This layout is very un-me I think. But I really like it.

Actually I'm on a major thing with the colour green. I hope it lasts. Especially now we've painted the inside and out of the house green. :)

peace and love



Penni said...

We've just discovered green here too - Fred looks lovely in green. Sometimes, in certain light Una's eyes are green.

Fantastic job, Kath.

random thoughts said...

OMG how artsy!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOO impressed! Looks super duper. Green is such a calming wonderful colour. Very good for the heart chakra. You keep that green coming.