Monday, March 12, 2007

The Princess is 4 today

Happy Birthday to our beautiful big girl. Ruby is 4 today. Happy day.
Yesterday there was a "My Little Pony" bash at the princess's palace. It was a fun day.
peace and love


aaronsamcamluke said...

Shining bright
Beaming with delight
Enjoying the pony
The one and only
Happy Birthday Girl
Best Ruby in the World

Love Cameron and Luke
Hope Mummy remembered to give you our little present which has been waiting for you since new year

random thoughts said...

How doth Thomson Castle fare at thee moment? The princess looks like she had a divine time. Did mum cope ok?

Jo said...

divine child
i hope that she had a wonderous day.
that smile in the last pic tells me that all went well. X