Sunday, April 29, 2007


Max has done his best to boycott fun and smiling all weekend.


At ballet - just whining, no smiling.

At Kobie's party - lots of clinging and whining. Even when he was actually having fun on the playground equipment he kept his smile very tight, didn't want anyone to think he might be having a good time. ;)

Lots of whining. aaaagh. So we headed out. Down to the shops for lunch where Ruby and Max both got to choose something to buy. Max chose Wiggles socks and Ruby chose Dorothy the dinosaur knickers. :) I don't think they've realised yet that when I say I'll buy them something it means I might buy a toy. I'm not going to tell them either. Then home to get the bikes and straight down to the Esplanade to have a ride, play at the park and just have some fun.

We've been trying hard all weekend to get him to crack a smile. He was close to it a few times, he nearly did, but he saved it just in the nick of time.

Not quite a happy little face. But not unhappy either.

peace and love to you from us


Anonymous said...

He's beautiful Kath, I love that crunched up I'm-not-smiling smile :) Emxxx

Anita said...

Kath that is a STUNNING photo of Max on the chair. I just love it!