Tuesday, April 17, 2007

While mummy works....

other people in the family get to do fun stuff *sigh*

Sunday afternoon and I was working while Mark and Ruby and Max had some exciting adventures, which included balloon animals and face painting. Ruby and Max were very pleased with their faces and were glad to rush home and show me. As soon as I'd seen it, they ran into the bathroom and washed it off! Apparently it was itchy.

these happy little faces make my heart sing.
There's a lot to get excited about this week:
* we've all enjoyed a virus the kids brought home from kindy
* Ruby bought her new ballet costume to start classes on Saturday with Miss Jill (or Miss Annette - not sure yet). Of course, she wore it all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Real leather ballet shoes are a treat, she's in heaven wearing them. She can't wait for her lesson on Saturday morning.
* There are a lot of friends converging on Brisbane this week for a big reunion - hooray! We're looking forward to that. One super fabulous friend, Maria - a composer - is having a piece of her work premiered by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra on Sunday. Kath is *very* excited about going to that. :)
* Mark is going to the Australia/NZ football match on Friday night with the lads - he is *very* excited about that.
It's only really Maxie who doesn't have something big this weekend to get excited about. Maybe I'll tell him he can have more Easter eggs, that'll get him worked up. ;)
peace and love to you


Jan, Col, Ella & Hudson said...

Love the photos Kath, R & M look so pleased with their face painting. Ruby is so cute with her ballet lessons & outfit, don't forget to post photos of her :)
It's going to be a busy but lovely weekend, enjoy xx

random thoughts said...

While mummy works lots of fun stuff does happen.... One thing my mum always told me was it is the Quality of time we spend with our children that count not the quantity of time.
Love Briohny xxx