Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Debut of the Ballerina Princess

Last Saturday was a beautiful day - and the start of something big for our little princess. Ruby started ballet. She was so excited she could barely breathe, she was amazing to watch. The ballet teacher is Miss Jill and she's all beautiful and lithe and very ballerina'ish. Perfect really. Ruby adores her.

It was lovely to watch - Ruby was focused and intense, but very full of excitement. She was amazing and we felt very, very proud of her. At the end of the class, Miss Jill told Ruby she'd done very well. Ruby agreed.

We're looking forward to next Saturday.
peace and love


Anonymous said...

Oh boy - how CUTE does she look :)

I can still remember the day I started ballet (I was terrible at it LOL )

R xx

Penni said...

Ah gorgeous! Fred, at her request, starts this Saturday - can't wait!!

Anita said...

Aw, she is just too sweet for words. I'm glad it lived up to her expectations.
Anita xx

random thoughts said...

Miss Ruby sounds like such a beautiful ballerina name.

Can you send me an email? I have changed my email address.

Tracey said...

Awwwww just gorgeous! It's the same uniform as Tara's and Asha's (except the leotard is different). So glad she loves it!


Penni said...

It's the same as Fred's too, except Fred's is all in navy blue, which is just gorgeous (blue is Fred's colour).