Sunday, September 30, 2007

I can't believe it

I can't believe that in just one short week's time this beautiful baby boy:

- my beautiful baby boy - who now looks like this:

will be 3 years old. Baby days are gone. Just big kids 'round here now. *sob*

Other news:
  • I'm feeling as free as a bird this week - I've packed in my study. The guilt is gone. I don't have the time, the money or the motivation to keep studying. The reality is I will never be a teacher - so I was relieved to give it away. I started doing Education because I felt like I had no options. Those days are gone. I'm feeling fabulous with the decision.
  • We've decided to spend Christmas at Noosa. We've booked a week at a 'family friendly resort'. God help us.
  • Max has decided on a Wiggles' party for next weekend. He's also announced that daddy will be making the birthday cake - which must be blue and must feature all of the main Wiggles characters. The cake making will be fun to watch. ;) Mark's never made a cake.
  • I'm heading to Wollongong and Canberra for work this week. Amazingly, I haven't travelled for nearly 7 or 8 weeks.
  • It's Mark's birthday this week too. We're planning something special because for the last few years his birthday has been overshadowed by Max's - which is just 2 days later.
  • Ruby has become *very* observant of body flaws. Big bottoms, baldness, fatness, skinniness, double chins, moustaches on women.......nothing escapes her critical attention. Sadly. Mark and I haven't fared too well under the spotlight. :(
  • I've lost 3 kilos! Hooray for me. Only 7 to go and I might look a bit more like the person I was before I had babies.

Be happy and calm. peace and love to you. xxxx


random thoughts said...

Fabulous for feeling good about your study decision, fabulous for getting to watch Mark make a cake, fabulous for the Noosa holiday (nb jealous of you, fabulous for the weight loss! Never fear on the critical daughter front. Mine asked me this week if her tummy will end up fat like mine. Lovely..... Have a great time on Saturday. Love to you xxxx

Jo said...

Fantastic post full of happy news and positive thoughts. Noosa is heaven on a stick.
Have missed you Kath and now that I'm almost through an insane period will be in touch. Asha is 5 and starts school in 7 days .. a new phase begins.

ruth said...

Kath, you sound like you are in a good place! Lovely news, hopefully life will be less hectic for you now and hopefully Mark's cake will live up to expectations. Having the study monkey off your back must be a huge relief.
We have a little girl who notices flaws as well, she's not so bad wiht me..apparently I just have a 'medium' belly and she wonders when I will lose it. Funny. Sort of. Anyway, take care and see you soon.xx

aaronsamcamluke said...

Dear Mark - Happy Birthday to you ... I hope you had a wonderful day with hugs, kisses and relaxation galore. With rainbows of happiness, squeals of delight and giggles of fun - oh and I hope the kids had a nice day too.