Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today we....

went for an adventure to Daisy Hill Koala Centre.

We saw 3 koalas. 2 were sleeping and the other one was madly jumping from tree to tree. Ruby and Max were impressed.

There were some fun things to explore,

Lots of space for running and playing

And we made some new friends.

Max was convinced the baby wallaby wanted his dummy so he left it in my bag. Ruby wasn't convinced the baby animals might want to suck her thumb. ;)

We'll definitely go back - next time we'll take a picnic.

peace and love


Em said...

Beautiful pics Kath! Ruby's hair is so grown up now, and Max is cute cute cute. xxx

Rachel said...

Look at how alike they both look in that second pic!
The very last photo is *adorable* :)

Hey, you were in my neck of the woods. DHF is only 5-10 minutes from my house, but we've only been there once (oops!)

Rach xx

Anita said...

Love the 2nd and last photo - what a cracker!!