Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random questions

  • Why am I trying to pretend that I'm not in a whole lot of pain? What's that about? Why can't I just say to people "yeah dammit my back IS really really sore". nb. I was in a pretty awful car accident on the Freeway in Melbourne last week.
  • Why are taxi drivers freakin' lunatics? With the exception of my special cab guy (Carl), why is it that cab drivers everywhere sense that I'm a nervous passenger and try their best to terrify me with their erratic and reckless driving behaviour?
  • Why can't work be straightforward and predictable for a week? Why can't there be more calm and less chaos just for one week? Surely that's possible.
  • Why is Max so dead set against making friends with boys? *sigh*
  • Why doesn't Max want to be a "big boy"? Why does he fight so hard against going to the toilet, giving up his dummy and today - moving up to the big kids room at kindy?
  • Will Ruby always stutter in times of big stress? I'm hoping the answer is 'no'.
  • Will Ruby thrive at school? Will she love it? Will I be happy or sad tomorrow when she starts?
  • How many more years do we have to be on a car lease? And is it possible to do 10,000kms in 64 days without going completely mental?
  • Will our house ever be presentable every day? Will Ruby, Max AND Mark ever learn to pick up after themselves? AND will Donna (who starts next Monday) be the perfect house cleaner? I hope so.
  • Why am I blogging when I'm in a cranky mood? I know the answer to this one - because life's not always perfect and I don't ever want to fool myself into pretending that it is.

This is the thunderstorm, I'm waiting for the rainbow.


Jo said...

'Ullo gorgeous.
Right, good oh on getting all that out.
Good time of year to make some big changes!
Get your pain sorted number one. Ain't nobody happy when Mumma ain't happy (as you know, or if Mumma's in pain!). Accident sounds awful. Tell me about it if you can.
I despise taxis, despise them.
Ditch the dummy! It really is only two days of pain, I promise.
Max will meet more people now he's in big boy creche without Ruby and he will definitely be more boy focussed. In fact there will be a lot of changes in his independance once he realises how well he copes without his big sister.
Yes Ruby will thrive. I have no doubt.
Kill the lease. Think of how many litres of petrol you're burning up doing all those k's.
As for the house, well .. I'm no one to talk, but I can tell you that Cleaners no.4 have been BRILLIANT for us so keep trying, hope Donna is a doll.
Blog when you are cranky please! If only so that I can feel a bit useful by being a bit supportive (and probably a bit bossy too).
Love to you. XXX

Anita said...

Oh dear Kath, I really really wish I could take some of the stress out of your life. Think calm and be calm. You have two beautiful beautiful children who will grow up to be wonderful people - because of you and Mark and then you'll forget about all the little things you used to worry about. The cleaner will also help take some of the stress out - it's VERY nice to come home once a day (or more often if you're that lucky) to a clean, tidy, ordily house - at least for a few hours!
xxx to you.

Kirsty D said...

Hello lovely, sounds like life is in a bit of a funk at the moment. I get that. Go with it, tomorrow is another day and with a bit of luck the rainbow will shine.


Rachel said...

Sorry to hear you were in a car accident and that your back is sore - how awful for you. Hope you are able to get some relief for it.
It's only recently that Kaden started making boy friends (he's 4 1/2) Can't help you with the toilet....we are still struggling with #2's. Gets me down some days, but I try to remember that it won't be an issue forever. (I'm sure he'll be fine in high school - ha! :)

Hope Ruby had a good day. No tears here from Kaden....or Mummy :)

Big Hugs...I'm sure your rainbow will come soon.

Rach xx

Rachel said...

Oh Kath, I think I am in a random thoughts mood too. So good to write it down at times, get it out. I loved that last point about it not having to be perfect...I have that written on my calender..re housework..me..everything! lol...It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.
Lots of love and calm vibes to you dear Kath, Rach - Sam&Will's mum-you have two of us : ) xxx

maxandmimasmummy said...

Sheesh Kath, hope you're ok after your little expedition to melbourne, hope the accident wasn't too serious and your back feels better quickly.

Jo is right, Max will be fine and he will do all the things you want him to do. Just say goodbye to the dummy and Max will be over it in no time. The anticpation of giving it up is always far worse than actually doing it. Just make the decision and don't back down. He'll make friends at Kinder and will love it, it's just new and different now that Ruby is gone, but if the staff have any idea about they're doing, they'll plan strategies to help Max make new friends and ease the transition. Sometimes I think our kids play us for fools and they are much more capable than they'd like us to believe.

Blogging is good for the soul, so blog away dear Kath, cranky, pissed off or deliriously happy.

huge hugs to you xxx

random thoughts said...

Sheesh! Can Mark help with the back pain? Work is never predictable, and that's why you keep going back each day. Predictablity would drive you insane. Jillian plays with all the 'naughty' boys and avoids the girls. Toilet training will happen when he is ready, lose the dummy, they forget very quickly.

Keep up the honesty, it allows you to be true to yourself.

Get a good kid free massage, see a soppy movie, have a big cry and always remember that you are surrounded by people who love you just the way you are.

Love Briohny

Anonymous said...

Hi Kath,
Looks like you have lot's of moral support,great to have friends that are there for you,you can climb the mountains, it just seem's harder sometimes,keep bieng honest with how you feel all mothers go through the times of thinking it,s all very hard but they will grow up all too soon believe it or not,love you heaps Mumxox