Monday, January 14, 2008

'There are 3 billion women...

who don't look like supermodels and only eight who do.'

In 1998, The Body Shop debuted a self-esteem campaign, featuring a generously proportioned, rubenesque, doll called "Ruby." I fell in love with Ruby when I saw her in a Body Shop store. She's beautiful. The message, and of course the name, stuck with me.

I want my Ruby to grow up confident, believing she's as beautiful and fabulous as she is. The recent mini drama about Jennifer Love Hewitt being "fat" was ridiculous and infuriating. I wish there was more reality and less hype in the world.

"I believe your most attractive features are your heart and soul" Savage Garden

peace and love


Anonymous said...

With you on this one,it's the insdide of the person that counts not what they look like on the outside.Ruby will be beautiful in every way, she will grow up to be her own special person.

random thoughts said...

here here!

Rach said...

I agree. I have really felt frustrated with the whole image thing myself..and the world. Wanting to strip away a lot of the ideals and pretence that goes on. As you said, we want our children to grow up knowing what is important is who they are and not that they are 'wrong' or inadequate. And I love Jennifer! She is gorgeous : )
Rach xxx