Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's new?

I didn't go to Adelaide today. I'd be very happy about that if I didn't feel so unwell.

The latest from the land of Thompson:

* we went to Nanny and Poppy's a couple of weeks ago to celebrate Ruby's birthday with extended family. There was a party, with cake and bubbles and pass the parcel and lots of cousins to hang out with - good fun.

* Ruby turned 5 - it was Crazy Hair Day at school, mumma baked a bazillion sparkly pink cupcakes for a birthday celebration at school and we had Chinese takeaway for dinner as a special treat.

* Easter Bunny found us out an Nanny and Poppy's place - much to Max's surprise. Mummy expertly fielded many questions about how Easter Bunny carries eggs, where he rests on Easter Sunday, how many eggs he leaves for every child, why he doesn't like to come inside, why he feels compelled to hide eggs and more...... Max was very competitive on the egg hunt. Scarily competitive. He kept checking how many eggs Ruby had. And he was convinced that Easter Bunny was still around, most likely leaving more eggs - ha! So he was always on the lookout for him.

* Ruby - for the second year in a row - defied all logic and refused to eat a single chocolate. She just doesn't seem to like chocolate. Crazy but true. Next year we might have to ask EB for some candy eggs or meringue eggs or maybe even cheese eggs!
* Ruby has learned a lot about Easter and has been happy to describe Jesus' death and resurrection to anyone who might be interested. Today she came home all pumped up with stories about "new life". I love her enthusiasm for this new aspect of her life - it's a joy

* We've just about done the 25,000kms we need to do for the the car lease. Only 350kms to do in this last week - easy peasy, we'll go for an adventure on the weekend.
* I'm feeling very old. Today is my 20 year anniversary of working in Government. I remember the day I started as a base grade recruit in Veterans Affairs' Sydney office. Feels like it was many lifetimes ago. I'm not celebrating this anniversary because it just makes me feel like a dinosaur!
* It's our wedding anniversary this weekend - we're trying to decide what to do/where to go on our child-free night out.
Hope your little corner of the world is happy, sunlit and enjoying "new life". :)


Jo said...

We certainly were celebrating new life here in the Bevo household.
Lots of love to the four of you. My girls love the hunt and eat an egg straight away then the rest get left. It's a good thing. Well, not for the size of my backside ;) but you know what I mean!
Hope that you get to do something fantastic for your anniversary Kath, how about dancing? XX Jo

MichelleP said...

I thought of you and Miss Ruby the other week when Jasmine had her birthday remembering that Ruby and Jas share that special day. Good to see that all is well in the Thompson household and R & M are gorgeous as always!

Maria said...

Happy birthday Ruby!

Glad to hear all is well Kath, I miss you.

When are you coming to Tassie?

I've tagged you: http://mariagrenfell.blogspot.com/2008/03/seven-things.html

Love M xx

Cass said...

Hey Miss Ruby - you are not the only one who does not like chocolate!! Miss Rinn is EXACTLY the same! Again this year - we bought them - only to have them sit on the bench and melt.....

ho hum!

Oh and happy anniversary!!!