Saturday, March 29, 2008

"smile, breathe and go slowly"

I found this quote (or is it a mantra?) on one of my fave websites today: Zen Habits

As my word for the year, 'believe' doesn't seem to be working out too well. I'm not sure why because I know it's a word I need to focus on. But 'breathe' seems to resonate more. SO, I've decided to have 2 words this year. Breathe and believe.

I'm off to "smile, breathe and go slowly" while I frantically tear around the house tidying up and getting ready to go out tonight for our celebration of 11 years of marriage.

Here are some old pics of that happy day in 1997:



Katie said...

Beautiful Kath. Just beautiful. Happy anniversary. I hope you had a lovely evening out.

Jo said...

Same, report back please. Our anniversary night out this year was dashed by a bout of appendicitis. Shame as we only really go out once a year, I need to live vicariously through you. X

Em said...

Happy anniversary Kath & Mark! Beautiful pics, hope you had some peace and laughter last night xxx

Maria said...

Sorry i am late checking in on you - hope it was a happy anniversary! xx