Friday, April 11, 2008

School holidays

Ruby's been on school holidays this week. School holidays are a tricky concept to get your head around when you associate the word "holiday" with a week at the beach. Not a week at home with daddy and a crazy little brother.

So in the spirit of a "holiday", Ruby and Max and Mark wrote a (fairly ambitious) 'holiday list':
  • Go to the beach (done)
  • Go swimming (not yet)
  • Go bike riding at the waterfront (done)
  • Play soccer (not yet)
  • Play games at home (done)
  • Have lunch in town with mummy (not yet)
  • Max and daddy have a haircut (done)
  • Go to O'Reilly's (done)
  • Play with Emily (done)
Ruby is determined to do everything on the list and there's only one day of holiday left, Monday. It will be a busy day.

We went to O'Reilly's (Lamington National Park) yesterday and even though it was raining we had a great time and did a short bushwalk. We even did the Treetops walk - which was amazing, but very, very high up in the top of the rainforest. It was very beautiful. We were happy to see some wildlife - including a wallaby, some young kangaroos and lots of beautiful birds. We even fed the noisy king parrots, crimson rosellas and brush turkeys!

Today we went to the beach at Caloundra. Ruby declared the beach as her "favourite place in the whole wide world". We had a fabulous day building sandcastles, splashing in the sea, sitting in the sun, eating icecream and just hanging out at the beach.

The school holidays have been good fun.
peace and love to you from us


Em said...

I love school holidays too. Lists are good, holidays are good. O'Reilley's sounds like something we need to add to our list too. Have a good w/end lovely Kath xxx

jan said...

I like the sound of all the things on their list, glad to hear that it is nearly done. Hope they manage to do the rest on Monday :)

Cass said...

What gorgeous sun filled happy days you are having there....

Love the list idea! And gosh the kids have grown...