Friday, April 25, 2008

"He's my boyfriend and his name is Oscar..."

oh dear. It's starting. There's been a bit of talking about boyfriends lately. Apparently, to have a boyfriend you need to wear lipgloss and hair clips; know how to read and write and understand birthday party etiquette. Apparently.

Fortunately today Oscar is a caterpillar she found in the garden. He is being entertained like a celebrity in our home though.......*sigh*


Jo said...

I am such a bad Mum I tease Ash all the time about the boys she is friends with .. 'Samir's your BOY friend' and she just squeals MuuuuuuuuuM! NO! DON'T SAY THAT' and hides her face in her hands.
You got me with the caterpillar though, never would have picked that for Ruby's first love!

Ruth said...

Oscar the Caterpillar? How gorgeous is that. i think I could love a caterpillar named Oscar too. And as a mother of daughters I would encourage this caterpillar fetish.

aaronsamcamluke said...

Caterpillars turn into butterflys - you've got one smart girl there K. Good luck with your camera.