Sunday, June 15, 2008


We went for a long drive last weekend to attend my eldest nephew's wedding. Weddings are very special and it was worth the drive to witness Nathan and Sally's celebration. But it was exhausting. I'm not sure we would drive 12 hours straight each way again. Not in a hurry anyway. Ruby and Max were great but I was hopelessly bored in the car, even when I was driving.

Anyhoo, here's some pics from the day:

Nathan and Sally with Greg, Wendy, Chloe and Jamie

Nathan with his girls

Aunty Pat, Aunty Gail, Mum and Wendy

The boy who wouldn't smile

The boy who wouldn't smile with the girl who would barely look at the camera
Me and my darling who keeps me sane. I know we are both looking a bit worse for wear, but it was a long drive and we probably need a holiday!

Hope you are happy and well.
peace and love to you
ps. I bought a new camera lens in Mackay. I couldn't hold out a day more!


Em said...

You guys are busy Kath! We have a big drive coming up for the holidays and I'm still in denial. Well done on the camera lens, good to see your pics and I think you look fab xxx

Jo said...

Beautiful photos, just saw them on Flickr first. Love the wedding party, black frocks on bridesmaids looks fantastic, have seen that a bit lately. You look stunning, Mark very handsome and the kids, well. Gorgeous as always.
Well done on the drive, sounds tedious but I'm like you and feel that weddings and love are important things to celebrate! Hope that you get time to check out my blog. XX

dani_luigi said...

Worse for wear..what are you talking about look gorgeous.

12 hours staight, well done!! I'm sure it was well worth the drive by t he look of all those smiling faces and maxies grumpy face.