Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ruby's first report card :)

We had our first ever parent/teacher/student interview this evening. It confirmed our beliefs about Ruby. Yes, it's true - she's fabulous.

From the report card (summary of achievement):

Teacher comments
Ruby is a very quiet and gentle member of our class and despite her shyness has made a very smooth transition into Prep. Socially, Ruby limits her interactions with just one or two peers however as Ruby's confidence continues to develop, so to will her ability to interact with a range of peers. Reading, writing and number recognition are areas where Ruby is achieving commendable results. Ruby thoroughly enjoys writing and allocates a lot of her class time to write for personal purposes. Fine and gross motor skills are continuing to develop with increasing strength and control. Three goals in these areas for Ruby to work on next semester include improving upper body strength, balls skills and cutting with more accuracy and control. Ruby is a very cooperative student who is always willing to try new experiences. Well done Ruby.

Student comments
My favourite thing about Prep is doing work. I like to do drawing, puzzles, play with my friends and go to Sport, Music and Drama. This semester I have enjoyed learning how to write properly and how to look after chickens. Next semester I would like to learn more about writing and how to build houses. My friends at Prep are Emily and Madeline and I like to play 'catch the hat' with them. I am really good at knowing my letters and sitting on the carpet. I would like to get better at hopping and spelling words.

She's an amazing kid. Beautiful, kind and amazing. Well done Ruby.



Em said...

What a beautiful report card! I love Ruby's comments too, she sounds very happy Kath xxx

random thoughts said...

I love what Ruby has to say. It gives you great peace of mind when you know your kids are happy at school.

Jo said...

OH how divine. I am sure that she will put her all into learning to hop next term. Beautiful child.
And clever too. I bet you're proud Mama. XX

Maria said...

What precious comments Kath, you must be proud.
Hope all is well.