Sunday, July 03, 2011

About a boy

About Max.

My boy. He's kind. Loving. Adoring. Generous. Thoughtful. Passionate. Intense. Suffocating. Infuriating. Possessive. Relentless. The king of what's fair and just. Very competitive. But only when he knows he can win. A mass of contradictions. Highs and lows. He can bring great, great, great joy one moment and mind-numbing frustration the next.

He's a fast thinker, a smooth talker and a master negotiator. He knows it and he works it well.

Here he is below cunningly disguised as a regular 6 year old boy.

He's kind, sweet and loyal and his love is fierce. As nutty as he is, I couldn't ask for a better boy-child.

peace and love to you and the boys in your life
p.s. I know he reads this blog :) Hi Max. I love you. x

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Jo - Dusty Plum said...

We love you Maxy .. it's been wonderful watching you grow (and grow!). XX