Sunday, July 10, 2011

A lazy Sunday morning

Lazy Sunday mornings are my favourite type of morning. Pottering around the house in jarmies, reading the paper, drinking cups of tea - perfect.

It's nice to live at a slower pace, even if only just for a few hours.

I'm not the only one who loves Sunday mornings. Here's the miss listening (and singing loudly along) to her new itunes purchases while she trawls through monsoon kids clothing online :o. Mr Max is playing the DS. Again.

Mum and Lloyd have been visiting us this past week. And spoiling us. And doing lots of jobs at our house. Very pleased about the new power points in the laundry. And super excited that before they left this morning that Lloyd put my sweet ducks up (from The Collective Store). I stalked the store for about 3 months waiting for ducks in the perfect fabric. I love these ones. They're flying north. Of course.

I hope you're enjoying a gloriously slow and peaceful Sunday too.
Peace and love from us to you.

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