Friday, July 01, 2011

Palm Island

I went to Palm Island recently. Naturally, a magnificent lush tropical island. Anthropologically, it was deeply troubling. I didn't take a single photo while I was on Palm because it felt like it would have been disrespectful to do so.

I went there for work. We're setting up a centre for families with young children and I was grateful for the opportunity to talk to mothers, teachers and some very passionate and committed community and government workers. The issues on Palm Island are complex, layer upon layer upon layer.

This photo is from It shows the airstrip which runs across the full length of the island. On the day I was there, once I arrived I was told all flights off the island were cancelled (no reason was given) and there's not really any accommodation available. The small motel, in a compound surrounded by a high wire fence, was booked out. I was able to get a seat on a small chartered flight - a 4 seater - back to Townsville.

I was only there for a day but I know that what I learned, felt and saw while I was there will stay with me for a lifetime.

For more about Palm Island, visit here:,_Queensland

peace and love xxxx


Jo - Dusty Plum said...

It must have been a very emotionally intensive visit Kath. A great opportunity to experience a community which is so isolated, unique, and of course troubled. It must be fulfilling to be a a part of the process of making some positive change on the Island. XX

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You have a blog - yay!! That pic of the airstrip shows the island cut in half! It's such a beautiful place and the people who live there deserve some peace of mind. xo

Penni Russon said...

Wow. I loved and was haunted and challenged by Chloe Hooper's The Tall Man, have you read it?