Monday, December 18, 2006


but we didn't see it. :(

Max didn't last the distance. It probably wasn't reasonable to expect a 2 year old - who likes to be in bed by 8.00pm at the latest - to stay awake all hours to wait for wild sea animals to crawl up onto the beach according to their own schedule. The first turtle arrived at Mon Repos at 9.10 and the first group of visitors went down to watch her lay her eggs. We were in the 4th group. Unless there was a rush of turtles (not likely) we were not going to see any eggs being laid at Mon Repos. We went back to "our holiday house at buggera near funderbird" (a ruby'ism) at 9.15pm. The kids thought they had seen turtles, so that was good. We had rare family time during our weekend at Bargara, that was good too.

We went to the beach, went to the movies, went out for lunch and just generally pottered around. When we were coming home I asked Ruby what she enjoyed most about the weekend away she said "swimming with dolphins". Okaaaay. We're not quite sure when that happened, but it was obviously memorable. For her. ;)

it was a lovely way to spend a birthday weekend

peace and love to you


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Anonymous said...

Whoa! Is that Miss Ruby on the beach????? How did the sand experience go? Smiles xxx Briohny