Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pre Christmas panic

Yep, the panic has set in. It usually arrives about this time of year when I realise it's only a couple of weeks until Christmas, I've still got gazillions of presents to buy (and post) and hardly any time to get to the shops. I'm feeling a wee bit out of control. Situation normal for us I guess.

We're going to Bargara this weekend, to visit Mon Repos to watch turtles lay their eggs. Such an amazing thing to see. I hope the turtles show up - there's never a guarantee! And I hope the kids love it. And I hope we're not eaten alive by sandflies.

This time last year my baby became a boy and I turned 40. Both milestone events. I was looking back through photos from this time last year and discovered one of Max and I on my birthday. I love it so much I've scrapped it twice. This was the day Maxie rode the Santa Express on his own. Ruby was with with him but jumped out at the last minute. Max was only 14 months old. He couldn't walk, couldn't talk and was prone to flinging himself around. I thought he'd throw himself out of the train for sure, but he stayed on and was very still and very serious. He was there with all the big boys and he was pleased with himself. I think he loved it. He takes things so seriously it's sometimes hard to know if he's enjoying himself. Anyway, here's one of the layouts I've done with the photo. :)

I'll post some turtle pics next week.

I've just realised how teeny tiny that photo is in the layout. Here it is without the layout :)

peace and love to you



Anonymous said...

Don't stress, that is what midnight shopping is for. Hey there may be not much to choose from but we'd rather have a minimal selection than get carried along in the crowd of christmas shopping. It will work out for you. Have a plan of attack, leave the kiddies with someone and mission santa can commence.

Anonymous said...

ooops, that was from briohny :) xxx