Saturday, December 30, 2006

Festive. Family. Fun. Frenzied. Food. Fabulous.

After a fabulous week at Nanny and Poppy's, we're home. Exhausted. Happy to be home in our space. It's been a *BIG* week. Lots of running and romping and twirling and just going crazy.

Happy highlights of our Christmas week:

* Watching R+M with my family. They really love being with Nanny and Poppy.

* Rain on Christmas Day. I'm sure there were a LOT of people who begged Santa for rain. Thanks Santa, good job.

* Watching R+M's happy little faces on Christmas morning. Ruby was overwhelmed (probably by the sheer volume of presents, good grief) but mastered the present opening gig pretty quickly. Max took his "Santa's Helper" job very seriously - giving everyone gifts, helping them open pressies (read ripping paper like a crazy man) and running back for more. He was very focused on the job. Very Max.

* A lovely Christmas lunch which was calmer and quieter than the usually chaotic Christmas lunch in Moree. Seriously good. Thanks Mum. And thanks for all your cooking.

* A quick trip to Bellingen for Mark and I. Seriously love Bellingen. We stayed in a little B+B we've stayed at many times before. It was a treat to stay there because it's pretty much off limits for us now as they don't take kids. We definitely need to find a family friendly place to stay in Bellingen.

* Seeing my great nieces. Holy cow. GREAT nieces. There are 3 of them: Ella, Taya and Zoe. They were all in Moree this week. Hooray. Gorgeous girls. All very different. All very precious.

* I was happy I had a new 1GB memory card for my camera this week. I thought it would be more than enough for my happy snaps - it was, but only just.

About the only thing that sent me crazy this week was Max screaming hysterically for nearly 4 hours (maybe more) just after Mark and I got back from Bellingen. Man that drove me insane. He is such a mama's boy. Doesn't cope well with me going away (or being out of his sight for more than 2 seconds). :(

This is the best family pic we got on Christmas Day. I guess it's not soooo bad. Just makes me realise how desperately I need to lose weight. *sigh*

Christmas was good fun. But the kids are completely crazy. Waaaaay too hyped up. Still. I think we're all about to have a post Christmas collapse. Maybe tomorrow.

We hope your Christmas was happy and joyful.

peace and love


Anonymous said...

Phewy! Man, I need a rest just reading how busy you were. Hope the 'unwind' doesn't hit you too hard. And hello! How long is Miss Ruby's hair?
Hope the new year brings you love, health and happiness.
Briohny xxx

Ruth said...

Hello! to my weary traveler's do hope you have all landed safely into 2007.It was great to have you all to stay over Christmas, miss you all it is very quiet without Max @ Ruby ,love the pic's .Thank you for sharing time here with us may 2007 be the best year you can hope for love Mum