Monday, December 18, 2006

A day just for us

The lead up to Christmas this year has been insanely chaotic, mostly because of work stuff. No fun. We've never felt more out of control before Christmas than we have this year. Still got way too many presents to buy - and less than a week to Christmas. It WILL be different next year.

Last year we agreed we would start some family traditions so the kids had something predictable to look forward to at Christmas. Other than getting a truckload of presents from Santa that is. We've decided to go into town each Christmas to see the Christmas window displays in Myer, ride the Santa train and admire the enormous Christmas tree in the city. We went in on the weekend and it was lovely. Wombat Divine is the Myer Christmas story this year and it is absolutely delightful. Much more child friendly than Polar Express (which was last year's).

We even saw Santa again - frazzled Santa this time. When we saw Santa in Bundaberg last weekend he was much calmer and more down to earth. Maybe the Myer Santa is frazzled and a wee bit cranky because he is in the city or maybe because it's a week closer to Christmas. Who knows.

Last week in Bundaberg Ruby asked Santa for a pony. Just a teeny tiny little one. And a pink dolly. Santa was smart. He talked about how much time and effort it takes to look after a pony. Love you Santa. Ruby said a puppy would do, instead. *sigh* Max wants a Percy train. Santa said that was easy. He even knew that Percy is green. Well done Santa.

Christmas tree by daylight:

and by night:

Yes. I have some work to do learning how to keep my hands still while taking photos of lights, at night, without a flash. But it's such a pretty tree. Love it. And I especially love the bright white reindeers at the bottom of it. Sensational.

We're counting down the days till Christmas. Can't wait.

with peace, love and joy (and a wee bit of madness)


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Anonymous said...

I hope that things calm down for you Kath and that you get to relax a little over the Christmas break. Enjoy your time away with your lovely family. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and love to you all Janxxx