Monday, February 05, 2007

A bright and beautiful imagination

It doesn't take much for Ruby's imagination to run wild. I love that about her. She creates beautiful play activities for her and Max that can last for days - and sometimes weeks, from a very simple prompt.

We got home from Armidale yesterday, after a week away, and there was a parcel on the front deck. For Ruby and Max. Very exciting. We got inside and it was ripped apart. Which was a bit of a pain because it was one of those packets with all the fluffy bits inside that fly out of the layers of packaging. The parcel was from the Department of Environment and Heritage. Wow. It was an bundle of posters. Fantastic posters of threatened species: bilbies and cockatoos and potaroos AND a poster of dinosaurs (which Max has claimed) AND, most excitingly, a poster of whales and a poster of dolphins (which are high on Ruby's list of ten fave animals).

Today at kindy Ruby drew an amazing pic of a whale. A whale swimming in the ocean, eating meat and splashing with it's tail in the air. If you were here she would show you how whales splash their tails in the ocean.

Tonight, she's created an ocean on the kitchen floor. Some blue sheets for water, some hairbands for pieces of meat and daddy to perform as the whale (lol, glad she didn't choose me). She asked daddy to make whale noises (which he did) and she patted his back while feeding him pieces of plankton (which she says whales like to eat). She gave daddy some step by step instructions about how to splash in the ocean. Beautiful.

I love how Ruby can think about something, almost always an animal, and try to learn everything about it, how it eats and moves and lives. She's an incredible kid. Every day I'm amazed by her.

This is her picture. The orange colour in the drawing is Nemo (and Dory) being blown out of the whale's spout. Of course. ;)
peace and love
ps. Sam - the original pic is on it's way to you. We're guessing you're responsible for this fabulous treat. Thankyou. lots of love. xxxx


emmjay said...

Beautiful pic Ruby! Mark would be a great whale :) Hope you had a good wk in Armidale xxx

S said...

Great drawing Ruby - definitely a star! I forgot to tell you about the posters KW yep it was me. there are loads of free posters and stuff you can order on the deh site - - go to publications. SP xxx